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                The Erasmus+ project, which continues under the leadership of Kepenk Youth Association, is an ethno sports project with many activities. The project is carried out with partners from Macedonia, Kosovo and Sweden, and offers training and experience opportunities for participants and guests about the prominent ethno sports of these countries. An ethno sports document is prepared with the footage taken throughout the project.  A small ethno sports festival was held in the project's Türkiye/Sivas province. Various aspects of ethnosport are addressed through academic activities such as interviews, panels and workshops held throughout the project. The importance of traditional sports is that they include not only sports but also ethnic, cultural and local values. Traditional sports provide the opportunity for intercultural transfer, bonding with the past, protection against addictions, living a healthy life, teamwork with low competition and high friendship spirit, and doing sports in natural materials and places. With our project, we hope to bring people together with traditional sports through the theme of history, which is popular today with movies and TV series. We aim to recognize and promote ethno sports and games around the world with the international photography competition held within the scope of the project. 



It was established to work for the benefit of young tradesmen, new masters, children and young employees of tradesmen and craftsmen, and all children and young people in our country, who are studying in vocational training centers and vocational high schools, who work as apprentices or journeymen in the shops of our tradesmen and craftsmen, and who have established new businesses by choosing entrepreneurship.  In 2016, it started its activities as a separate association to carry out youth and sports activities by Mamut Çelikus, the chairman of the Tradesmen and Craftsmen Association, and the members of the headquarters board of directors.

Work is carried out in this direction because of the inadequacies in the industrial environment where young people, especially our apprentices and journeymen, work, and the increasing addictions today, and sports are important to protect the physical and mental health of young people. Kepenk Sports; It carries out various projects and activities such as football tournaments, youth camps, training on Akhism, tradesmanship, entrepreneurship and addiction, programs on books, careers, government incentives, interviews with athletes, experienced exemplary tradesmen, representatives of relevant state and non-governmental institutions, panels, and traditional sports. . We work to instill sports habits in the growing generation, to create an atmosphere of brotherhood through sports, to stay away from addictions, to become good tradesmen in the future with Ahi values, to raise quality people who respect their elders, care about their experiences, protect their children, and are beneficial to their family, religion and country.

It is not just limited to sports; We are trying to attract the attention of young people and win their hearts through activities such as culture, art, cinema, digitalization, games, travel and traditional handicrafts. By bringing together our young people and our old tradesmen, we convey the experiences and advice of the old people to the young people; We convey the innovative ideas and young perspectives of young people to our older tradesmen. In the future, our young people should be good tradesmen and craftsmen who earn halal income, do their job to the best of their abilities, are sensitive to the environment, do not cruelty to animals, support their families, have a clean shop, have knowledge of new technologies, can compete internationally, or become industrialists, businessmen, academicians, civil servants, soldiers, managers, workers. We hope that they will be good people no matter what job they do.

The old name of our association was Kepenk Sports Club Association, and in accordance with the new law, the name was changed to Kepenk Youth Association.

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